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Reversible Pet Carry Sling -

Reversible Pet Carry Sling -

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Pet sling carrier is a reversible hand-free carrier bag made of breathable fabric for comfort featuring a safety collar hook for added security. The lightweight and convenient design are extra safe and strong so that you can go about your own business knowing that your pet is secure and comfortable.

Features: - Safe & Secure - Hands-free & Reversible - lightweight & Comfortable 

Suitable for - Small Pets, Cats, and Dogs (up to 13 lbs) 

How to Wear the Pet Sling.  Pull the pet sling over your head and onto one shoulder, as you would with a cross-body bag.  Place your pet in the sling and connect the collar hook to the pet’s collar to keep your pet safe and secure.

100% Polyester

Product Dimension: 21 x 4.5 x 6.5 in. 0.7 lbs

Care instruction: Machine wash. Tumble dry at low heat. Do not bleach.

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